Women's Entrepreneurship Academy is a non - governmental organisation fostering economic empowerement of women in Serbia. It is and associate member of the European Association for the Education of Adult in Brussels.

Women´s Entrepreneurship Academy (WEA) was founded in 2006 actively working in the area of women entrepreneurship in Serbia, mostly in the region of Vojvodina. Since 2009 it was a co-founder of Business and innovative center (business incubator) in Backi Petrovac. Hence, the Women's Entrepreneurship Academy is only women's NGO in Serbia that initiated and currently participating in the management of such institution.

The WEA´s priority is to improve political and economic status of women in Vojvodina cities and municipalities. The Women´s Entrepreneurship Academy besides the education programme and marketing activities pays attention to a research work in the area of women´s lifelong learning, local economic development, gender budgeting, entrepreneurship development, capacity-building for gender equality and development aid.

From its founding in 2006, the WEA implemented more than 16 projects on national and international level and additionally trained more than 1500 women and men from Vojvodina and Serbia. The Academy was involved in the development of the first programs of the Guarantee Fund of Vojvodina for unemployed women and female start up entrepreneurs from the North Banat Region. The WEA helped to establish the Commission for Gender Equality, which now works as an advisory body of the Municipality of Backi Petrovac.

The Academy helped the Decisions on Gender Equality have been adopted in several cities and municipalities in Serbia. Through its advocacy program, the WEA has contributed to the opening of budget items that encourage creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of women in a number of municipalities in Vojvodina. Our members are successfully placed in the national competition for the best entrepreneur of Serbia organized each year in Belgrade. In 2012, the Academy became an associate member of the European Association for Education of Adults in Brussels.

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