Women's Entrepreneurship Academy is a non - governmental organisation fostering economic empowerement of women in Serbia.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Academy (WEA) is a non - governmental organization fostering political and economic empowerment for women in Serbia. We assist girls and women to start up and develop own businesses; we help them to improve professional and personal skills to become competitive and self- confident agents of change. We do support local governments to reflect gender in key policy documents particularly applied to local economic development so they become more attractive for families and businesses. We advocate for gender responsive business environment and we deeply support bridging business, gender and education.

Since 2006, we have implemented over 18 national and international projects; trained more than 1700 women and girls and have become a partner of 20 municipalities in Serbia and abroad. In 2009, we became one of the owners and managers of the Business and Innovative Centre in Bački Petrovac (22 km away from Novi Sad). The same municipality becomes the first Municipality in Serbia where gender budget analyses using the performance budget methodology are undertaken by our organization. In 2009, the Academy, with the respective local government, helped to establish a Council on Gender Equality, local assembly advisory body. Gender Law, a key act regulating gender equality at local level has been developed in this context as well. The Law has later on been adopted in several municipalities in Serbia too. The Academy’s advocacy program resulted in opening budget items of 40.000 EUR to support women’s entrepreneurship activities in a Serbian municipality Kikinda. In 2012, the Academy became an associate member of the European Association for the Education of Adults in Brussels. In 2014, the Secretariat for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality of the AP Vojvodina awarded our organization with a Prize for the Achievements in Gender Equality in Vojvodina. On March 2015, we became a member of Executive Committee of the National Forum for women’s entrepreneurship development in Serbia with the aim to better coordinate actions towards more favorable gender and business responsive environment in Serbia.

Work together with women and men, activists, decision – makers, male and female entrepreneurs and other key stakeholders to improve the quality of life by applying quality and gender equality standards that will guide us to move from good intentions to good actions and help to make gender equality an everyday reality.

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